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Discover the future of software development with WebWare. We offer more than just programming: our holistic approach accompanies you from the initial idea to smooth operation. With over 12 years of solid expertise, we rely on open-source technologies and tailor-made solutions that perfectly fit into your company structure. Our focus is on the development of browser-based applications and comprehensive support for your digital transformation. We are your partner on the path to a connected world, offering extensive hardware and IoT solutions that enable seamless integration of innovative software development and smart devices to drive the technological evolution of your company.

Comprehensive Support: From idea to operation

Our Range of Services - Innovation meets Efficiency

At WebWare, we transform challenges into opportunities through cutting-edge technologies.

We understand the uniqueness of your requirements and offer tailored solutions that combine innovation with efficiency. Discover how our specialized services can drive your business forward.

Microservice Architecture

By integrating open-source systems into a customized overall architecture, we create robust and scalable solutions.

Full-Service Programming

Our broad programming expertise covers all levels - from web applications to software to hardware.

Guidance and Consulting

We are not only your developers, but also consultants and guides who will safely navigate you through the complex landscape of digitalization.

IoT and Hardware Solutions

Through our strong partner network, we offer you comprehensive hardware and IoT solutions ready for integration into your business model.

Project Variety

Our Expertise in Application

Our projects reflect the versatility and adaptability of our expertise. Discover the areas where WebWare offers innovative solutions:

Cross-industry Portals: Digital Hub

We develop centralized portal solutions that serve as efficient interfaces between you, your customers, and partners to simplify and accelerate business processes.

Mobile and Web Apps: Always Connected

Our customized apps combine user-friendliness with functionality, allowing you and your customers to access important services anytime, anywhere.

Specialized Industry Software

From conception to implementation, our specialized software is tailored to the unique requirements of your industry and helps strengthen your market position.

IoT Integration: Intelligent Networking

We realize IoT projects that collect and analyze data to gain new insights into your business processes and optimize interaction with the physical world.

Cloud Solutions: Scalable Platforms

Our cloud platforms not only provide flexibility and scalability for your IoT devices, but also a secure and reliable infrastructure for your data and applications.

Data Visualization and Analysis: Gain Insights

Through advanced data visualization tools and analytics, we transform raw data into meaningful information that supports strategic decision-making and promotes operational excellence.

Automation and Workflows:

We automate complex business processes and develop customized workflow solutions that save time, reduce errors, and increase your company's productivity.

Technology Consulting: Guiding Advice

Our consulting service supports you in the introduction of new technologies and systems to strategically and sustainably shape the digital transformation of your company.

Hardware Innovation: In-house Hardware Development

We design and develop customized hardware solutions that are perfectly tailored to your specific application requirements - from conceptualization to market launch.

User Experience and Design: Creating Experiences

With a user-centered approach, we create experiences that delight your customers while maximizing the usability and accessibility of your digital products.

Sustainable IT Solutions: Shaping the Future

Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in the development of energy-efficient software and resource-efficient hardware, with the aim of making your IT infrastructure more environmentally friendly and reducing operating costs.

Success-oriented Project Implementation with WebWare

Conception and Consulting: Creating a Strategic Foundation

In the first step, we analyze your needs and goals together with you. Our experts provide comprehensive advice and develop a customized strategy that serves as the foundation for the entire project.

Design and Development: Creating Innovative Solutions

Based on the developed strategy, we start with the design and development of the software. This process is iterative and inclusive, with your feedback playing a crucial role in ensuring that the end product meets your expectations.

Quality Assurance: Ensuring the Highest Standards

Quality is our top priority. Our quality assurance measures include continuous testing during the development phase to ensure error-free functionality and compliance with the highest standards.

Implementation and Support: Ensuring Long-term Success

After successful completion of development and comprehensive testing, we carry out the implementation. We ensure smooth integration into your existing IT landscape and provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure the longevity and relevance of your solution.



Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions along with clear answers for you.

What is WebWare?

WebWare is a dynamic technology company specializing in customized software, hardware solutions, and digital transformation.

How do I start a project with WebWare?

To start a project, simply contact us by email or phone. We will have an initial non-binding conversation to understand your requirements and outline a solution.

Does WebWare provide support after implementation?

Yes, WebWare offers comprehensive support and maintenance services to ensure that your solutions always function smoothly and stay up to date.

Can WebWare help with the digitalization of my company?

Absolutely, our expertise lies in guiding companies of all sizes on their digital transformation journey, from initial consultation to full implementation and operation.

Are the solutions developed by WebWare scalable?

Yes, we place great emphasis on ensuring that our solutions can grow with your business. They are designed to be flexible and adapt to changing requirements.

Which industries does WebWare serve?

WebWare has experience in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, trade, e-commerce, services, healthcare, education, and public institutions. We tailor our solutions to the specific needs of each industry.

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